Turn your website browsers into clients

Interact live with browsers on your website via video, audio and text chat


Step1Choose your plan

Choose from the Standard, PRO or Corporate package depending on the needs of your company.


Just add basic details about your company.


using your email address as your username.

Step4Pay the invoice

Sorry, but you have to pay for the service immediately. If you want to test out the system for free before you buy click on the free 10 day trial button.

Invoices are created on the first of the month. Your first month’s fee is based on the number of days you use the service in the month. All subsequent fees are deducted automatically on the first of the month.

Step5Create operators and allocate them to specific departments

using your email address as your username.

Step6Customize what your pop ups look like.

You can add your company logo and rewrite the text to suit the message that you want to put across. You can even put an advert on the pop up.

Step7Create automated pop ups.

You can decide exactly when an automated pop up appears on your website based on different scenarios such as; how long a customer has been browsing on a specific page, how long a customer has been browsing on your website, or when a customer lands on a specific page. You have a choice of 15 different criteria.

Step8Copy the code that is automatically created onto your website.

This is the only technical part of the package. You have to access the ftp pages on your site, which normally you have to get your webmaster to organise. Then simply paste it on every page that you need OhHi to track.

Step9Operators log in

Once you have created the admin area and pasted the code on your website, you can then get your operators to log in and start using OhHi.

Step10Click on the console tab

Start seeing immediately who is browsing your website in real time. At any point click on them to initiate a conversation or just wait for the automated pop ups to appear.

Step11Choose to pop up with a website browser

It is very easy to initiate a conversation with a browser. Just click on their ip address and start talking with them once they agree to enter into a chat with you.

Step12Start a video conversation with your customers