Turn your website browsers into clients

Interact live with browsers on your website via video, audio and text chat

How many operators can use OhHi?

You can have as many operators as you want. The OhHi fee is payable based on the number of operators you have using the software. You pay per operator, so if you want three operators then you will pay three times the monthly fee advertised for each operator.

Can we upgrade from the standard package to the Pro package?

You can upgrade between any package within your admin area. We will calculate the number of days in the month that you have used each one and bill you accordingly.

Will the customer have to use video chat if they don’t want to or don’t have a camera?

No, this is very much an optional issue. The customer gets to choose which type of communication suits them. If they don’t have a camera or microphone on their computer system then they can only communicate via typing.

How can I tell who is visiting my website?

OhHi works in real time. Within your admin area you will be able to see exactly which page a customer is visiting and the number of seconds and minutes they spend on each page.

Do I need any technical skills to install OhHi?

No, all you need is the FTP account that was provided to you by the hosting company where you originally bought your website. Once you have logged into it, all you have to do is copy and paste a piece of code that we give you into that area. A guide to how to do it is provided.

Can the customer optionally contact an operator?

Yes, a customer at any time can click on the button on the right of every webpage that is automatically placed there as part of the OhHi software. Once clicked they can choose whether the conversation is conducted via video, audio or typing.

How can an operator choose to contact a customer?

There are several ways you can do this. Depending on your package you can set pre-determined options such as the amount of time spent on specific webpages, or whether a customer has landed on a specific webpage, or manually opt in at any time.

When an operator opts in, what does the customer see?

A pop up offering a choice of communication options appears. The customer then can either accept the offer or decline it. If the customer declines the offer then they can carry on browsing the website without being approached again. If they then choose to contact an operator they can easily do this by pressing theLIVE Chat button on the right of your website that automatically gets placed there as part of the OhHi software.

Do I have to have an operator available all the time or can I switch the facility on and off?

No, you can choose when the facility is available within your admin area. With the PRO and ENTERPRISEoptions the customer can leave a message just like an answering machine that you can hear when you open up the system.

Can I speak to a specific operator or get transferred to a manager?

On the PRO and ENTERPRISE package you can be diverted between operators. If one operator needs to hand you over to a more senior personnel then this is easily done. Also a customer can request a specific person and be forwarded onto them by the operator that opens the conversation.

Can I brand my pop up?

Yes, OhHi provides templates to make it easy for you to add your own logo and branding to the OhHi software.

Is there any technical support?

Yes, technical support is available to you from an OhHi operator. In difficult cases we have the facility to view your computer and operate it distantly so that we can fix your problem without you having to lift a finger. This can all be achieved whilst simultaneously talking to you on the OhHi website.

How to use your coupon

If you have been given a coupon, enter the details in the payment area and you will be able to get an upgrade to the PRO or ENTERPRISE package for a maximum of one month.

Payment methods

You can pay online via credit card through our payment system. We calculate the first payment on a daily basis from the first day of the month. So in the first month you will get an invoice based on the number of days you have used OhHi during that month. All subsequent payments will be then based on a calendar month and will remain constant.

Paying without credit cards.

If your organisation wants to pay without using a credit card, then in certain circumstances we can arrange this. Contact our admin office on info@ohhi.co.uk to discuss this option.

Free 10 day trial

The free 10 day trial is limited to one operator using the standard package. If before the date of the expiry of the free trial the client then buys the OhHi software the remaining time on the free trial is cancelled. After the 10 day trial is finished the client will not be able to use the account and access to their admin area will be terminated.