Turn your website browsers into clients

Interact live with browsers on your website via video, audio and text chat

Curious but not yet convinced?

Let me give you some more information…

Did you know that the conversion ratio of website hits to sales is around 2%? In other words, 49 people out of 50 leave your site before buying anything.

Ever wondered what happened to the other 98%?

By converting just 4% of the remaining 98% of browsers into customers you could TREBLE or even QUADRUPLE your sales figures.

What can you do to capture the vast majority of visitors? Answer: Start using OhHi.

It is as if someone has walked into your shop and there’s no-one there to greet them. Our revolutionary software, allows you to talk to every single visitor that enters your ‘shop’. You can see what products they are looking at, and for how long they’ve been in each section of your ‘store’ –allowing you to choose exactly which customer you want to offer your expert advice. They are after all visiting your website for a reason.

So what’s the catch?

Well it’s certainly not the price. We have created a product that is so competitive that you really can’t afford to say no. We’re so confident that you’ll like our product that you can try out the system for FREE and see how easy it is to use.
Every shop in the world has staff ready to welcome customers, why? Because they know it increases sales and customer service, why should websites be any different.


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